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19. 04. 2018

VNL M: Preliminary list of Serbia national team announced

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Serbia national team head coach Nikola Grbić announced a preliminary list of players for the inaugural edition of the FIVB Men’s Volleyball Nations League.


Serbia national team will start their preparations for the 2018 FIVB Nations League on Saturday, April 21, in Belgrade.

Serbia will play their opening match in the tournament that replaced FIVB World League in the international volleyball calendar against Brazil (Round 1, Pool 4, Week 1), on May 25, in the city of Kraljevo.

Nikola Grbić, the head coach of Serbia, summoned 32 players on a preliminary list:


Nikola Jovović (Arkas Spor, TUR), Maksim Buculjević (Hurrikaani-Loimaa, FIN), Ivan Kostić (CSA Steaua București, ROU), Andrija Vilimanović (Novi Pazar), and Aleksa Batak (Niš).


Aleksandar Atanasijević (Sir Safety Conad Perugia, ITA), Dražen Luburić (Zenit Sankt-Peterburg, RUS), Dušan Petković (Biosì Indexa Sora, ITA), Irfan Hamzagić (Novi Pazar), Aleksandar Gmitrović (Crvena zvezda Belgrade), and Božidar Vučićević (Vojvodina NS Seme Novi Sad).


Nikola Rosić (CSMU Craiova, ROU), Neven Majstorović (CS Arcada Galați, ROU), Goran Škundrić (Grand Nancy Volley Ball, FRA 2), and Predrag Jevtić (Crvena zvezda Belgrade).


Marko Podraščanin (Sir Safety Conad Perugia, ITA), Srećko Lisinac (PGE Skra Bełchatów, POL), Petar Krsmanović (Gazprom-Yugra Surgut, RUS), Aleksandar Okolić (Berlin Recycling Volleys, GER), Nemanja Mašulović (Crvena zvezda Belgrade), Stevan Simić (Vojvodina NS Seme Novi Sad), Aleksa Polomac (Novi Pazar), and Aleksandar Nedeljković (PGE Skra Bełchatów, POL).


Uroš Kovačević (Diatec Trentino, ITA), Marko Ivović (EMS Taubaé Funvic, BRA), Milan Katić (PGE Skra Bełchatów, POL), Lazar Ćirović (Kioene Padova, ITA), Nikola Mijailović (Chaumont Volley-Ball 52 Haute-Marne, FRA), Luka Tadić (Crvena zvezda Belgrade), Miran Kujundžić (Vojvodina NS Seme Novi Sad), David Mehić (Vojvodina NS Seme Novi Sad), and Pavle Perić (Vojvodina NS Seme Novi Sad). 


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3 Comments about "VNL M: Preliminary list of Serbia national team announced"

19.04.2018 | 11:14 |   pepo [unregistered]

Petric from Halkbank Ankara is missing.

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19.04.2018 | 17:39 |   former_player [unregistered]

Re: @pepo I noticed the same, I guess he wants to get summer off. He is 30 and he has to take care of his health. Especially since World Championship is in September.
Stankovic is also missing but he decided to retire from the national team

+0            0-
19.04.2018 | 16:50 |   Anika [unregistered]

He will not be here. He isnstruggling with injuries

+0            0-
19.04.2018 | 21:17 |   Lena [unregistered]

Petrić is still having problems with injury, we are hoping for him, to be ready on WC2018.

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