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28. 04. 2018

VNL M: Konstantinov chooses 28 names to start preparations for 2018 FIVB Volleyball Nations League

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Bulgaria men’s national team head coach Plamen Konstantinov announced the expanded list of players for the 2018 FIVB Volleyball Nations League (the successor of the FIVB World League).


Konstantinov’s list includes 28 names, of which part of them (those who did not compete in the 2017/18 Superliga playoff finals) have started their training at the Hristo Botev gymnasium in Sofia. The official start of Bulgaria national team preparations is on May 7. At the end of the preparations, 21 players will remain on the roster for the Nations League.

Bulgaria NT preliminary list:


Georgi Bratoev (Neftochimic)

Georgi Seganov (Sora, Italy)

Dobromir Dimitrov (Zalău, Romania)

Vladimir Stankov (CSKA)


Tsvetan Sokolov (Lube, Italy)

Nikolay Uchikov (PAOK, Greece)

Boyan Yordanov (Foinikas, Greece)

Ventsislav Georgiev (CSKA)

Velizar Chernokozhev (Halkbank, Turkey)


Nikolay Penchev (Skra, Poland)

Rozalin Penchev (Bolívar, Argentina)

Todor Skrimov (Nova, Russia)

Valentin Bratoev (Neftochimic)

Branimir Grozdanov (Arago, France)

Dimitar Marinkov (Dobrudja)

Plamen Shekerdzhiev (CSKA)

Asparuh Asparuhov (Montana)

Georgi Petrov (Neftochimic)


Viktor Yosifov (Piacenza, Italy)

Nikolay Nikolov (Belogorie, Russia)

Teodor Todorov (Galatasaray, Turkey)

Svetoslav Gotsev (Tours, France)

Aleks Grozdanov (Verona, Italy)

Iliya Petkov (Neftochimic)

Krasimir Georgiev (Ravenna, Italy)


Teodor Salfarov (Neftochimic)

Vladislav Ivanov (Nice, France)

Petar Karakashev (Pirin)


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