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05. 05. 2018

VNL M: Preliminary list of Brazil revealed, Murilo returns after 2 years

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Renan Dal Zotto has chosen 26 players to defend the colors of Brazil men’s national team in the 2018 FIVB Volleyball Nations League.


Murilo Endres, formerly an outside hitter, returned to playing for Brazil after two years. Now, he will compete as libero. In addition to Murilo, Brazil NT head coach Renan summoned 25 more players on a preliminary list for the 2018 FIVB Volleyball Nations League.

1 - Bruno Rezende “Bruninho”

2 - Isac Santos

3 - Éder Carbonera

4 - Leonardo Nascimento “Léozinho”

5 - Lucas Lóh

6 – Thiago Veloso “Thiaguinho”

7 - William Arjona

8 - Wallace de Souza

9 - Thales Hoss

10 - Otávio Henrique

11 - Rodrigo Leão “Rodriguinho”

12 - Felipe Fonteles “Lipe”

13 - Maurício Souza

14 - Douglas Souza

15 - Murilo Endres

16 – Lucas Saatkamp “Lucão”

17 - Evandro Guerra

18 - Henrique Honorato

19 - Maurício Borges

20 - Renan Buiatti

21 - Alan Souza

22 - Thiago Brendle

23 - Raphael Oliveira “Rapha”

24 - Djalma Moreira

25 - Victor Cardoso

26 - Thiago Barth


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2 Comments about "VNL M: Preliminary list of Brazil revealed, Murilo returns after 2 years"

05.05.2018 | 12:14 |   pol [unregistered]

Am I blind or I don't see Lucarelli there?

+0            0-
05.05.2018 | 18:48 |   rivers [unregistered]

Re: @pol He's just back to training in March after an achilles tendon operation. I don't think he's prepared for the VNL. He'll probably return for the world championship.

+3            0-
08.05.2018 | 02:18 |   Bruno [unregistered]

Thales is far superior to Murilo! Murilo's time has run out!

+1            0-

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