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14. 05. 2018

Where to watch VNL matches?

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The FIVB Volleyball Nations League is going to start tomorrow and many volleyball fans are wondering where they can watch the matches.


The FIVB will partner with IMG to launch Volleyball TV, the first over-the-top (OTT) digital streaming platform in volleyball history. Volleyball TV will offer fans both live action and unmissable highlights from all of the sport’s major events starting with the Volleyball Nations League, which begins on May 15.

The Volleyball Nations League will be the first event that the FIVB has taken control of its own content production, ensuring a consistently world-class output for fans across the globe. 

Volleyball TV will be available as a Pay Per View (PPV) service in selected markets for both the Volleyball Nations League and the FIVB Men’s and Women’s World Championships in September.

Available on desktop, mobile and iOS and Android apps, Volleyball TV will show live action from all 260 men’s and women’s matches of the VNL, as well as 10-minute highlights from every game. Coverage details of the 197 matches of the men’s and women’s World Championships will be announced in due course. 


Volleyball TV is only available to the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Serbia and UK.


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6 Comments about "Where to watch VNL matches?"

14.05.2018 | 18:01 |   Random Guy [unregistered]

So no more YouTube streams? :(

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15.05.2018 | 02:47 |   ovafanboy [unregistered]

The matches will be streamed on fivb youtube channel normally (at least for now

+0            0-
14.05.2018 | 22:07 |   Joey [unregistered]

Wow so only in those countries what about the rest USA Mexico Greece France and many other's?

+1            0-
15.05.2018 | 02:46 |   ovafanboy [unregistered]

Re: @Joey The matches will be streamed on fivb youtube channel

+0            0-
14.05.2018 | 22:15 |   max [unregistered]

can someone share the link of the website of this volleyball TV?

+0            0-
14.05.2018 | 22:21 |   WoV News IV

As we know, it will be also on the FIVB YouTube Channel

+0            0-
15.05.2018 | 01:46 |   tugba [unregistered]

No they won`t stream on youtube.

+0            0-
16.05.2018 | 02:35 |   megabox [unregistered]

19.99 Euro. Is it only for watching one match??

+0            0-
16.05.2018 | 12:48 |   Read before say dumb stuff [unregistered]

Re: @megabox
The subscription is for both men and women volleyball nations league and the subscription includes 260 matches. The subscription ends at 31 of July

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