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Mladi Radnik POŽAREVAC
Gender: Male 
Age category: Seniors 
Country: Serbia 






SRB National Championship 2017/2018
Regular Season /
Rk Team Tot W L Pts
1 Vojvodina NS Seme NOVI SAD 18 16 2 48
2 OK Novi Pazar 18 12 6 34
3 Crvena Zvezda BEOGRAD 18 10 8 31
4 Spartak SUBOTICA ( M ) 18 11 7 30
5 Mladi Radnik POŽAREVAC 18 9 9 29
6 Jedinstvo STARA PAZOVA 18 9 9 29
7 Radnički KRAGUJEVAC 18 7 11 22
8 Spartak LJIG 18 7 11 20
9 NIŠ-IGM Mladost OK Niš ( M ) 18 6 12 19
10 Ribnica KRALJEVO 18 3 15 8


Maxwell Philip Holt
Matey Iliyanov Kaziyski
VakifBank ISTANBUL ( W )
Kim Yeon-Koung
Tijana Bošković
Simone Giannelli
Adel Gholami
51406 Total
1744 Claimed
40232 Players
5956 Coaches
240 Agents
6143 Teams


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Andrija Geric
Veljko Petković
Saša Starović
Mihajlo Mitić

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Latest comments

ITA M: Perugia find replacement for Zaytsev – Trentino icon Lanza signs!

Trentino is the level below Perugia, Lube, and Modena. Kovacevic is not the top player like Leon, Leal, Juantorena, Russell. Trentino needs one 1st class outside hitter, 2nd middle blocker, and opposite to become a serious threat to Perugia, Lube, and Modena.
Djuric went to Greece so his prime time is over. I don't see anyone Trentino can sign to become a championship contender. Reply

Will Lube win battle for Simón? Cruzeiro refuse high-priced offer from SupeLega runners-up!

Re: @Axe
I disagree. These players are worth it and the league may well become the strongest again in the world as it should be. The men's game is so much better than the women's game today and people need to respect that. Reply

ITA M: Perugia find replacement for Zaytsev – Trentino icon Lanza signs!

So Wrong. Trentino will compete for the top 3 spots in A1. Russell is a massive pickup for them. Very smart and consistent organization.

All the pressure is on Perugia with its investments. Reply